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Midget Mansion

Off of Callaghan Rd., in front of a restaurant called "Cha Cha's", there is a large piece of wooded property for sale. This secluded property in an affluent neighborhood would certainly be any realtor's dream. Yet this property has been for sale for years. Perhaps the price is too exorbitant. Or maybe it is the bizarre history of the property that frightens potential buyers away. A large mansion was first built on the property in the 1920's when this section of San Antonio was considered to be the country. It is said that the original owners daughter commited suicide soon after the mansion was built. The mansion later became home to a succesful businessman, who was a midget, his very small wife, and their two normal sized children. Apparently the man went crazy one night and slit the throats of his family, and locked them in a closet while they were dying. The man then shot himself. Others who lived in the house after the murder claimed to hear moaning, and scratching on the walls. For years the mansion stood vacant, until a fire destroyed it years ago, leaving only an eerie shell of the house which came to be known as Midget Mansion. As with many reputed haunted houses, the remains of the house and it's pool were stomping grounds for weekend satanists. After reported accounts of rituals and evidence of animal sacrifice, the remains of the mansion were torn down, and the pool was filled in. I have heard various accounts of what remains on the property today. Many have stated that there is nothing there. Always the curious one, I decided to check the property of Midget Mansion out for myself. I discovered several tiny houses which I'm assuming stood as servants quarters, a bath house that runs underground, and what appears to be the remains of a greenhouse. I have decided to research the history of the house, I will post my findings here on a later date. Any information anyone might have on the house would be greatly appreciated, and can be sent to me at

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