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Pictures of the Donkey Lady's haunt
Directions to the Applewhite bridge
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The Donkey Lady

If you travel out to the Applewhite Bridge off of South Zarzamora St., you might be surprised to see a lady with an attractive, curvaceous body looking over the bridge. As she turns around, you realize that something is not quite right. The woman with the beautiful body has the head of a donkey. As you drive away, she chases you, yelling obscenities in Spanish and English. You have just met the Donkey Lady! The Donkey lady is the spirit of a woman who is said to have had an affair with a married man. Even though they had children together, the man would not marry her. Distraught, the woman drowned her children. Now, the spirit of the once beautiful woman is forced to wander the Earth with the head of a donkey. She does not seem to be a benevolent ghost, as many have reported being chased by her. The Donkey Lady can mainly be found wandering the Southside of town. Her favorite haunt seems to be the Applewhite bridge.

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