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The Gunter Hotel

The Gunter Hotel is one of San Antonio's oldest hotels. It is also the site of one of San Antonio's most intriguing unsolved mysteries. In 1965 a man checked into room 636 of The Gunter with an attrative, tall blonde woman. He asked not to have the maids come and change the sheets of his bed, or clean the room for the duration of his stay. After a few days, a maid, assuming that the man had already left, opened the door to the room to clean it. She screamed in horror at what she found when she opened the door. Blood was everywhere, on the bed, on the floor, on the walls. The man in the room was carrying a bloody bundle of sheets. He motioned for the woman to be quiet, and the left the room through the fire escape. The police figured that whomever had been murdered in the room must have been dismembered in the blood covered bathroom, and that the pieces of the body might have been in the bundle of sheets the man was carrying. The police tracked the man down at another hotel. The man, hearing the police trying to enter his hotel room, shot himself in the head. The police tried to question him as he lay dying, but it was no use. The police never found the body of whomever was murdered in room 636 of the Gunter Hotel. They assumed that the victim was the blonde woman who was staying with the man, but no missing persons reports were ever filed for her. Life at the Gunter Hotel was never quite as normal since the murder. People staying in the rooms next to room 636 reported hearing noises coming from 636. Yet upon investigation, nothing was found. Hotel staff and lodgers have reported seeing odd apparitions around room 636. Perhaps it is the spirit of the woman believed to have been killed in there. If your ever in the mood for a good scare (with a mint on your pillow), you can rent room 636 for the night and see the apparition for yourself.

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