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Pictures of The Haunted Railroad Tracks
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The Haunted Railroad Tracks

If you happen to stumble upon Villamain Road, on the Southside of San Antonio, you won't find anything too spectacular. A bumpy road, a few sporadic houses, why you might even miss the railroad tracks, if it was not for the large amount of traffic over them at the intersection of Shane Road. The tracks don't appear to be anything special, the only unusual aspect of the tracks is that they have no warning signals. Perhaps if there were warning signals over these tracks they would not be as popular as they are today. The enigma surrounding these tracks began in the 1930's, when a school bus full of children stalled on the tracks unaware that a fast moving train was heading for them. The school bus was hit by the train, and everyone on the bus was killed. Soon after the horrible accident, people began reporting that when they would put their car in neutral, about a hundred feet away from the tracks, the car would be pushed all the way over the track. What's odd about this is that as the road approaches the tracks, it inclines uphill. The Haunted Railroad tracks have been featured on several national shows, and have been investigated by scientists, none of whom can explain the phenomon of the railroad tracks. Some say it there is an odd force of gravitational pull at the tracks and that is what pushes the cars. However, most people will agree that the spirits of the children and the bus driver push every car over the tracks, so that no one will ever meet the same fate that they have.